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I used to wake up at night every time I turned over because of the tension in my back. But since I have been wearing my magnetic wristband the pain has gone. I had back pains like these for a year and a half, so that I rarely slept through the night. Now I wear the magnetic wristband day and night and I am pain free! I cannot quite believe it. But that is how it is. This magnet has been a terrific help to me.

Christian N.

Used the magnetic eye mask and slept through the night. 😀 usually suffer from insomnia. Used it one night when I had a migraine and it helped with that too!  I felt more refreshed in the morning too.

Jane F.

My friend had surgery on his one hand (carpel tunnel) and was due to do other one after recovery (they won't do both at same time for obvious reasons) - he then wore magnetic bracelet and to this day has not needed surgery on the other one !!

Paul C.

After working in a bank for 24 years using keyboards, I now get stiff and painful fingers in the winter mainly. Within 15 minutes of popping on a magnetic ring, I can flex my fingers without pain. The diamond fell out of my engagement ring some years ago (still waiting for a replacement) so I wear a Magnetix bling ring which looks good and takes care of my fingers at the same time, and I often get compliments!

Diane L.

I never realized the power of magnets until I put a magnetic Power Heart on my back and the pain I'd had in my shoulder blade diminished after an hour. Not just that but I always woke with a stiff back in the mornings and had to do exercises to make me feel normal. I'd been visiting the chiropractor, physio and finally osteopath nearly every month and now I haven't been back for 5 months and my back is still good! I am so happy to have found this amazing cure!

Sophie T.

My magnetic bed mat has changed literally my life. I now sleep without pain, restless leg and pins and needles. Sleeping means my body is able to heal itself while i rest so I'm now virtually pain free during the day to. I wake up, get washed and dressed and make the bed before having my morning brew, where as before it would take am hour or so i could just get dressed. I have shared my experience with my friends and love the fact that they too are having huge health and life changing benefits by using the bed mat. Quite a few of my family members got one from Santa! ;) I now wouldn't be without my bed mat or power heart. Thank you Magnetix Wellness for changing my life!

Rosie A.

Great service! I looked on the site and what I was after was in stock and I could pick it up straight away.
Already wearing and feeling the benefits. I would recommend having a browse of this site.
👍👍👍👍👍 5 thumbs up from me.

Simon G.

I used to suffer with migraines maybe say 4 or 5 a year - I'd end up in bed and be proper wiped out for days afterwards. I've had one since starting to wear the magnetic jewellery last December. I now wear magnetic  earrings, Power Heart and at least two magnetic bracelets daily.

Liz L.

My 21 year old daughter wears a magnetic Power Heart of the back of her bra to ease her back pain. She works as a care assistant in hospital and can't wear visible jewellery/accessories on her uniform.

Emily A.

I bought a pair of magnetic slippers for my mum in law as she was travelling to Dubai and usually when she flies, she swells up and it takes a few days for the swelling to subside. This time tho, there was no swelling at all, she was so delighted!

Hally R.

I was very skeptical when I got my first magnetic bracelet. I'd had surgery to release a tendon in my elbow 18 months before and I was still suffering with pain and had limited movement in my elbow. After a week of wearing my Flexi magnetic bracelet, switching it from one wrist to the other wrist and having times where I didn't wear it, I was convinced it was working and wasn't just a placebo effect! It took the pain away that pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication had never done! After several weeks I was able to throw a ball for my dogs again without the feeling that my forearm was going to drop off. It is a different life now! Thank you so much!

NadIa G.

I am always wearing my magnetic bracelets, people always admire them. I found they have helped my pains in my fingers. My husband is wearing a magnetic bracelet, it has helped his sinuses and stress level.

Sarah W.

I wouldn't be without my negative ion magnetic bracelet which I always wear next to my apple watch. It reassures me that I can take advantage of the technology features of the watch without any of the side effects of the 21st century tech. I love the vivid red colour too

Susie F.

My dog is so much better now he has a water magnet in his water & on his collar. He is running & playing like he should even tho he has hip displacer.

Julie S.

II sleep in my magnetic slippers and it stops me getting restless leg and cramps. Mine are black though and I'm a pink girl really so I'd love to get a pink pair to wear around the house. :)

Kate M.

This is the best magnetic bed pad ever. I have another make which is bulky and heavy. This however you can take with you in the car, on holiday, use while sitting in the chair. If you have pain from the waist up put it up the top of your bed if its from the waist down, move it further down the bed. Its brilliant. No back pain now for me in the mornings! Thank you!

Denise B.

My whippet has arthritis in front leg and was limping. I let her lie on my magnetic seat cushion. Works well, she doesn't limp now.

Jenny K.

My shitz tsu has had colitis, water magnet in bowl sorted him out.

Jim M.

I lent my magnetic anklet to a friend at work after she broke her little toe. It was amazing at reducing swelling in ankle less than 24 hours later.

Catherine M.

My two children suffer from acute neurodermatitis. They used to scratch themselves until they bled. Now two magnetic water sticks always lie next to the bath so that my children only bathe in magnetized water. The neurodermatitis is as good as gone. Of course, we don‘t just bathe in magnetized water; we drink it too.

Michaela F.

I have 3 breaks in my ankle, arthritis has started to set in. I had to go to a wedding and I struggle to wear heels. I bought the full magnetic insoles and wear them in heeled ankle boots, I had no pain from the am to bed. I wear the insoles everyday, highly recommend them! x

Victoria S.

My little boy uses the magnetic seat pad in his wheelchair, this has eased his back pain.

Lisa M.

Thought I would just share with you all ... I'm having a bit of a nightmare with my back at the moment been for MRI scan and it showed 5 bulging discs with nerve damage .... I am waiting to go and see a spinal surgeon but I can honestly say with all that going on I'm not taking any form of medication apart from using my magnets I truly believe in them and I think all humans and animals should be wearing at least one ...

Nick P.

Hi, my grandson is autistic and I gave him a magnetic bracelet which helped calm him down. He is starting high school in next year and has asked for a "grown up" version to help with his anxiety.

Janet C.

Since wearing my magnetic stud earrings I haven't suffered from headaches, sinus problems or for the 1st time ever hay fever. Pushed it to the limit too this summer, had flowers in the house & been out in the fields getting this years hay in. Normally I have to take double antihistamines for this and am still in a tacking but this year I've taken nothing at all and have shown no symptoms.

Sarah A.

I have suffered from chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome since I was 16. I have had to take a laxative each and every day. All that is now over! This is thanks to the magnetic water stick which I place in the water over night. Each morning I then drink 1/2 liter of this magnetized water, lukewarm and on an empty stomach. It is really good for me and my digestive system has worked brilliantly since. The magnetic bracelet also helps me when I suffer from sciatic pain and a stiff neck. I am really glad that I found out about magnetic jewellery!


Sue C.

I love my reversible magnetic cushions. They are on my computer chair and are wonderful. Magnetic products are my best friends! :-)

Marilyn R.

I am now 73 years old and I had almost begun to accept that my body no longer does what I would like it to do. But then I heard about magnetic jewellery and its effects and I decided simply to give it a go. I could hardly believe it: after just a short period of time the pain in my hand had gone! After a pair of magnetic earrings, even the neuralgia in my face had disappeared. Amazing!

Ottilie G.

As a a technical assistant in medicine, I enjoy carrying out tests, and so I tested the effect of magnets on my two dogs: I bought two identical water bowls and filled them with the same water. I placed a large water magnet in one of the bowls. Since then both dogs only drink from the magnetized water bowl.

Nelly J.

Fantastic!!! My nephew is 12 years old and has taken medication for constipation all his life. Me too!!! Both of us just use the magnetic water stick and it works wonders, even when you're away in the heat in Thailand!!!

Jo C.

My husband wears a magnetic bracelet for what he says is carpal tunnel and he no longer gets pins and needles in his hand.

Nadine S.

My dad is the biggest skeptic on two legs!!! 😲 But I got him to try the magnetic insoles (he actually forgot about his pain) they have helped him have a better quality of life.... he was in a car accident years ago and has nerve damage in his back and legs... he also has a magnetic bracelet now to help with his rheumatic hands (he's back to playing the accordion) .

Nic P.

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