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Bio-magnetic water - elixir of life

What is Bio-magnetic water?

Water is paramagnetic - meaning that it will hold a magnetic charge. In nature, the earth's magnetic field naturally charges water in lakes, wells, and running streams. However, as water passes through treatment plants and is transported through pipes, it loses its magnetic charge. Treating water with magnetic fields restores the natural energy and balance that nature intended.

Magnetized water has more hydroxyl (OH-) ions that form alkaline molecules which reduces the acidity. Normal tap water has a pH of about 7. Magnetized water is more alkaline and can have a pH as high as 9.2. Magnetizing water reduces the surface tension of the water making it feel softer. It is thinner, wetter, and more absorb able, so it is better able to penetrate cell walls and deliver the nutrients that it carries.

Reported health benefits of magnetic water include:
- it tastes sweeter and has more clarity.
- it reduces acidity in the body and promotes a more alkaline pH.
- it promotes healing of wounds and burns.
- it has a therapeutic effect of digestive, nervous, and urinary systems.
- it can be beneficial for asthma, fevers, colds, coughs, bronchitis, and sore throats.
- it can be beneficial for menstrual and menopause discomfort.
- it revitalized the body.
- it is beneficial for kidney ailments (removal and prevention of stones), gout, obesity (it improves metabolic activity), and premature aging.
- it infuses energy into the body, controls bacteria, and stimulates brain function.
- it can help dissipate toxic deposits in the body's connective tissue.


Magnetic Water Stick, two people drinking magnetic water, Magnetix Wellness

Rosi Mittermaier, Olympic ski champion Christian Neureuther, World Cup winner

Magnetized water and renal stones
The effect of magnetized water on renal stones was investigated in an experimental clinical study conducted by the Urology Section of the Department of Surgery at Tongji Hospital in China. They have been carrying out basic research here since1979:

  • The solubility of oxalate, uric acid and phosphate renal stones was tested in ordinary and in magnetized water. It was found that phosphate renal stones were more soluble in magnetized water.

  • A study of the physical and chemical properties of magnetized water showed that calcium crystals also dissolved in this type of water.

  • Experiments on fishes living in magnetized water showed that the amount of calcium crystals in their kidneys and their tissue calcium level were lower than for those living in ordinary water.

Animals have a 'nose' for bio-magnetic water! Your pets will enjoy many of the same benefits from bio-magnetic water that you do. They will drink more water, have more energy, and feel younger and healthier. Just place Water Bowl Magnet in a bowl and see the amazing result!

Bio-magnetic water will help your plants grow stronger, greener and larger. In one study seedlings' germination rates were 68% with bio-magnetic water, while with non-magnetized water only 8% germinated. In another study, Texas A&M researchers found that squash weighed 24% more when it was grown with magnetized water vs. non-magnetized water. Bio-magnetic water is more solvent and has a lower surface tension, so nutrients in the water are absorbed more readily. Thus you get a healthier plant while using less fertilizer.

magnetic accessories collors for pets

Other fluids & uses

Almost any fluid can be magnetized. Using Magnetic Water Sticks will drastically improve the taste of coffee, tea, and foods. Foods and beverages made using magnetic water will acquire the same healing powers as bio-magnetic water. Cosmetics, facial and skin products function a lot better when magnetized. Magnetized milk will give vigour and vitality to the weak and exhausted person. Magnetized milk has been proven useful for recuperating and enhancing sexual power. When fruit juices are treated with bio-magnets, they become more refreshing and give more nourishment. Magnetized olive oil can be very rewarding in the treatment of gout and rheumatism.Use bio-magnetic water to make your coffee and after a month or two the inside of your coffee maker will look like new. The bio-magnetic water will remove the scale build-up in your coffee maker.


Naturally magnetized spring water
There are big differences between potable, healthy and living water. What are the qualities of good drinking water? Ideally it should be fresh and pure, the way it is when it comes from a cool crystal-clear mountain spring, and it should contain only minerals or other valuable natural solutes. The earth‘s magnetic forces also have an effect on the water as it journeys from the depths of the earth to the surface. Natural spring water is slightly  magnetized by the earth‘s magnetic field and is electrically neutral. In everyday urban life, on the other hand, the water loses its balance as it travels through long pipes, losing electrons through constant impact with the walls of the piping. This makes it chemically unstable. To become electrically neutral again water needs to be re-magnetized.

There is a long history of the use of magnets to improve the quality and health benefits of water. Many countries have been using magnetic water for patients with digestive, urinary, and nervous problems, for pain, swelling, and many other ailments. Whether all of the claims are true or false remains to be tested by science. However, magnetic therapy has been accepted by many for the relief of pain. Each of our cells possess a small magnetic field and that water can be magnetized. Then, the logical conclusion is that magnetic water has the ability to affect our cells and help our body perform as it was meant. There is much evidence that bio-magnetic water is beneficial and none that it can be harmful.

How to make Bio-magnetic water

Making Bio-magnetic water is quite simple: just put a Magnetic Water Stick in your glass. Never use a metal container. How long you need to leave the water on the magnet will depend on how much water you have: we suggest 5-10 minutes for a glass and one hour for a jar of water. It won't hurt to leave it there longer, you can even just leave the container with Magnetic Water Stick in it and refill it as you use the water. The water will stay magnetized for several days after you take it off the magnet.

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