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Frequently Asked Questions

How shall I take care of my magnetic jewellery?


Please note that water, steam and chemicals may be harmful to your jewellery.

Here are the general tips:

1. Let perfumes, hairspray, facial creams, body lotions be absorbed from your hair or skin before you put on your jewellery.

2. Always take off your jewellery before having a shower or bathing, same as before doing housework and garden work, sports or other activities.

3. Clean your jewellery only with a soft cloth and warm water.

4. Clean your ear studs regularly with cotton pads soaked with hypoallergenic alcohol or sanitizer.

5. Please always be careful when taking off your jewellery and avoid to pull the clasps, stones or movable parts of it.

6. Avoid carrying heavy bags when wearing delicate rings or bracelets.

7.Jewellery should be stored separately to avoid scratches, damage of surface or tangling up.

8. Jewellery is also best to be stored in its original packaging or in a jewellery tube or box.

9. Alternatively you can wrap it in a soft piece of cloth.

10. Don’s use any acid detergents including vinegar and Coke.

How long does it take for the magnetic therapy to work?


Some people feel the first positive effects within a few days. But others begin to feel a difference only 2-3 weeks later. It depends on various factors, such as the type of complaint(s) and its duration. Normally the first signs that the magnetic therapy is working are an increase on energy level and an improvement in general well-being. Approx 90% notice improvement. At first people wonder if it is working, then soon realize that the magnets do help to relieve the pain, improve well-being, stop insomnia and increase energy level. Then people get amazed and return to buy magnetic jewellery for their whole family. They would say: "I do not know if it is a coincidence but... since I have been wearing magnetic jewellery my pain has eased / I had more energy / I had no headaches / I feel happier etc..." .


I am pregnant. I have a pacemaker. May I still wear magnetic jewellery?


People with pacemakers and other electronic devices should not wear magnets. We also advise pregnant women to consult their doctors before wearing magnets.


Which jewellery is most effective for me?


The recommendation is very simple: first of all you should like the piece of magnetic jewellery! You will only wear your jewellery regularly if you really like it. And this is the only way to insure that the magnetic effect of the piece of jewellery can be fully effective.


It does not matter where you wear your magnetic jewellery, the effect of the magnetic force will be the same. In Japan and other Asian countries, magnetic necklaces are preferred, whereas at the moment Europeans prefer to wear magnetic bracelets and bangles.


Do I have to wear my magnetic jewellery all the time?


You can wear your magnetic jewellery all day and night. Some people never take their jewellery off, some wear it just during the day and others just during the night. Magnetic therapy is a natural therapy and individuals react differently to it. Find out what is best for you by trying various combinations!


How long do magnets last and how strong are they?


Our neodymium magnets are extremely long-lasting. Neodymium only loses around 1% of its power over 100 years. Unless otherwise indicated, each item of jewellery possesses one or more neodymium magnets, usually with a strength of approx. 0.12 Tesla. The strength of the magnetic field is measured in Tesla or Gauss. One Tesla is the equivalent of 10,000 Gauss whereby Gauss indicates the number of magnetic field lines flowing through one square centimeter of area.


I am a healthy person and have no complaints. Shall I still wear magnetic jewellery?


Congratulations! If you already feel fit and have no complaints, in order to maintain your well-being you should nevertheless not forego the use of magnets.


How does copper magnetic jewellery work?


1. How copper works: As opposed to many other substances, copper can be absorbed through the skin. It increases the iron absorption of the haemoglobin contained in the red blood corpuscles. Haemoglobin is necessary to ensure that sufficient oxygen is absorbed in the lungs and that it can be transported through the blood vessels into the smallest capillaries. This is the only way to guarantee that the cells of various organs are correctly supplied.


2. How the magnets work: When you are wearing magnetic jewellery the blood and its red corpuscles flow though the energy field created by the magnets. The magnetic force creates a polarization and the tendency for the blood corpuscles to stick together is reduced. Due to the high rate of flow, wearing a magnetic bracelet on the wrist, for example, is sufficient to achieve this positive and holistic effect.


Does magnetic therapy have side effects?


The positive 'side effect' of magnetic jewellery is detox.  This is beneficial as your body can then absorb more nutrients, which can also help boost immunity system and may help improve well being. Rapid detox may make you feel a little sick,  like a hangover. That's why it is important to drink 1,5-2 liters of water when wearing magnetic jewellery. Detox effects usually pass after 30-60 mins. If they continue or are severe (very rare) magnet therapy healing jewellery may not be suitable for you so discontinue use.


Should magnetic jewellery touch the skin?


This is not necessary. You can wear your bracelet loosely around your wrist, for example. The magnets are strong enough to have a positive influence even if not directly on the skin. The power of magnet is not transmitted through pressure in the same way as acupressure.


Does my magnetic bracelet need to be in contact with my pulse?


No, that's not necessary.


Should I sleep in magnetic jewellery?


Many find magnetic jewellery helps insomnia. Magnets help improve circulation, which may reduce swelling, often worse and more painful at night, and magnetic jewelry can often help in this case.  The body rejuvenates more with cell recovery at night, which may be helped by magnets. Yet occasionally customers  report magnetic jewellery 'energizes' them at night and they need to remove whilst sleeping, many report waking feeling more refreshed.


Will my wrist turn green when I wear a magnetic copper bracelet?


Some people's wrists may turn slightly green as a result of the natural reaction between the acid in the skin and the copper. This discoloration may be easily removed with soap and water or a little lemon juice. Many of our products are not made of copper as some people do not like or want the additional copper in their bodies. It is also not possible to realize all designs in copper for technical reasons. If you do not wish the copper to have an effect, you can apply a coat of transparent nail varnish to the entire inside surface of the copper bracelet. Some copper articles already possess a protective coating to prevent oxidation. This coating may be easily removed to allow the copper to develop its effect. Discoloration of the copper itself may be easily removed with lemon juice or steel polish. The copper may cause staining on items of clothing.


What is the best way to put on my copper bangle?


When putting on your copper bangle, first open it slightly by pulling evenly on it close to both the ends. Then slide it over the narrowest point of your wrist and turn it by 90° to position the opening under the wrist. Now press the two ends together until it feels comfortable – just like a watch.


How is the jewellery finished?


The jewellery is made from stainless steel or it possesses high-quality gold- or rhodium-plating. The collection is hypoallergenic.


Can I wear my magnetic bracelet on the same arm as my watch?


Watches can be affected by magnets. You should contact the manufacturer to find out the magnetic sensitivity of the product in question.


Can I wear the bracelet in the shower or bath?


Inset stones or magnets could fall out. That's why we recommend that magnetic jewellery be removed before showering, swimming or doing wet housework. Hairsprays, perfumes, deodorants and washing liquids and powders could also damage your magnetic jewellery.


How many days does the delivery take?


Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receipt of order/payment. Delivery time is 3-15 business days. The appropriate shipping charges are indicated during the order process.


Can I return the jewellery if I did not like it?


If you are not completely satisfied for any reason with your purchase you are entitled to our 30 days full money back guarantee. Material defects and manufacturing defects are covered by the 12-month guaranty provided by law.

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