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The silicone ball duo, in which one of the balls is equipped with powerful neodymium magnets (900 Gauss), embodies the principle of Yin and Yang - the Chinese philosophy of balance and harmony.

Training with the wellness balls increases the quality of life because it:

  • improves fine motor skills and movement coordination
  • relaxes, calms and increases well-being
  • improved mobility of the fingers, especially in older people
  • that promotes hand sensitivity and dexterity

Magnetic Spheres

SKU: 4606
AU$50.00 Regular Price
AU$40.00Sale Price
  • Polarity: North
    Magnets: 1
    Gauss: 900
    Size: 47.0 mm x 47.0 mm
    Material: Silicone
    Colour: Fuchsia

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