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Start off your day with an invigorating scalp massage for a day full of vitality.

Made of skin-friendly stainless steel. The powerful neodymium magnets are on the tips of the comb teeth and therefore touch your scalp directly with every stroke. A real innovation. 


Give it a try and pamper yourself and your hair with a soothing massage every day.


  • For soothing head massages
  • Perfect for at home and on the go
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • With antibacterial copper
  • With 7 neodymium magnets

Tip: comb your hair thoroughly morning and evening. This promotes the blood circulation in the scalp and ensures shiny, powerful hair.

Magnetic Comb

SKU: 2151
Expected to ship in three weeks
  • Polarity: North
    Magnets: 7
    Gauss: 1000
    Size: 125.1 mm x 28.7 mm
    Material: Copper, Stainless steel

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