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Magnetised drinking water has a positive effects on pet's digestive system. Give your furry darling water in a bowl with magnets. It will stay fresh for longer than normal tap water, because bacteria do not form in it so quickly. It smells, tastes and agrees with animals far better.


Adequate water intake is vital for your pets, especially when your pet is on dry food diet. Simply place magnet in your pet's water bowl. The long-lasting magnet has a strength of 2000 gauss, and measures around 10 cm and therefore suitable for big water bowls.

Our water magnets are even used in aquariums. Fish seem more lively if a water bowl magnet is added to aquarium.



Pet Water Bowl Magnet, large

SKU: 722
Expected to ship in three weeks
  • Polarity: North
    Magnets: 1
    Gauss: 2000
    Size: 90.0 mm x 90.0 mm
    Material:  Stainless steel

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