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The Hamsa hand, also known as the hand of Fatima, is a universal symbol for protection against the evil eye, and at the same time stands as a protecting hand, for strength and happiness.
The magnetic pendant is made of highly polished stainless steel and white and turquoise synthetic resin. The skin-friendly stainless steel is also ideally suited for women with particularly tender skin. A 1200 Gauss strong neodymium magnet is discreetly integrated on the back. The pendant eyelet has a diameter of 4.5 mm.
You can wear this charming good luck charm on a textile ribbon or a chain link bracelet, which is also available in our magnetic jewellery collection.
Our tip: Wear this magnetic pendant combined with other pendants on a chain and create a new look every day.

  • Symbol of protection
  • High symbolic power
  • Can be versatilely combined with your other jewellery and clothing


Magnetic Pendant Hamsa Hand

SKU: 4585-
  • Polarity: North

    Magnets: 1

    Gauss: 1200

    Size: 25.0 mm x 14.0 mm

    Material: Stainless steel

    Surface: Epoxy, Polished

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