Water Magnets for vitalizing water

Health and happiness are two of the most important things in life. Drinking sufficient amounts of water supports your health.

Place your water on a magnetic coaster from Magnetix Wellness and you will drink more often, more consciously and with more enjoyment. The magnetic coaster is perfect for the office or at home. Magnet strength is 2000 gauss.


With the magnetic sticks you can enjoy water as the refreshing elixir of life whether you are at home or out and about. Simply dip the magnetic stick into water, stir and savour concentrated energy of vitalized water. Magnet strength is 2000 gauss.


Silicone water magnets - versatile use in kitchen and bathroom.

The powerful neodymium magnets of 1,800 Gauss for crisp fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs and flowers and refreshing, energising water in the bath tab.

Adequate water intake is also vital for your pets, especially when your pet is on dry food diet. The long-lasting Pets Water Bowl magnets have a strength of 2000 gauss.

About Magnetic Therapy:
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