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Magnetic Jewellery Care Tips

We are proud of our MAGNETIX Wellness jewellery – about its wearing comfort and good stability. It’s no wonder then if there are some signs of use to see after a while. These small flaws sometimes make our favorite pieces what they are.

The beautiful surface and structure of genuine leather that becomes softer with time – but also small scratches – belong to the life of a beloved and often worn jewellery piece. Cosmetics, perfume but also other environmental influences, especially sweat (f. ex. when doing sports) can affect metal, leather, stones and pearls.

These unavoidable signs of use are not covered by the warranty, but with the following tips we would like to advise you how to maximize the life time of your MAGNETIX Wellness jewellery piece:

General tips:

1. Let perfumes, hairspray, facial creams, body lotions be absorbed from your hair or skin before you put on your jewellery 2. Always take off your jewellery before going to bed, having a shower or bathing, same as before doing housework and garden work, sports or other activities 3. Clean your jewellery only with a soft cloth and warm water 4. Clean your ear studs regularly with cotton pads soaked with hypoallergenic alcohol or sanitizer 5. Please always be careful when taking off your jewellery and avoid to pull the clasps, stones or movable parts of it 6. Avoid wearing heavy bags when wearing delicate rings or bracelets 7.vJewellery should be stored separately to avoid scratches, damage of surface or tangling up 8. Jewelllery is also best to be stored in its original packaging or in a jewellery tube or box. 9. Alternatively you can wrap it in a soft piece of cloth 10. Don’s use any acid detergents including vinegar and Coke


We use Neodymium magnets in our jewellery with ca. 1200 to 2200 Gauss. Neodymium magnets are very strong and consistent. Even in small sizes they offer an effective magnetic power and don’t need any special care.

Magnets can destroy credit cards or other magnetic cards close to them. Please store them apart from your magnetic jewellery and magnetic accessories.

People with a pacemaker should ask their doctor before wearing magnetic jewellery.

We recommend taking off the jewellery when having a shower, going swimming or when doing housework where you get in touch with water. Also perfume, creams, deodorants, hairspray and washing powder can harm the jewellery. You can clean your magnetic jewellery with a jewellery polishing cloth and warm water.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is undoubtedly one of the greatest discoveries in jewellery design of the last years – stainless, resistant and without any contents that can trigger allergies. Its beautiful looks also made it a standard material for modern jewellery pieces: Shiny with a brushed surface or deep shining when polished stainless steel is a very resistant material. It is a physical fact that a matted surface will become shiny after a while – but also a polished surface can be affected by scratches, collisions and friction.

Stainless steel is not tarnishing so you can use water or even soapy water for cleaning. After cleaning you should dry the jewellery piece with a soft piece of cloth. Polished surfaces can become shiny again after using cotton wool or a micro fabric cloth. Please don’t push too hard because this can cause scratches on the surface.

We suggest not to leave stainless steel accessories like eg. water sticks for a large amount of time in water, as a dirt film can develop on the surface. Like above mentioned this film can easily be removed with a soft cloth.

Gilded/gold coloured ion plating

Our gilded/ion plating MAGNETIX Wellness jewellery are very durable. You only need to follow a few steps to ensure the glance of your jewellery piece: Please don’t use any chemical cleaning products, only mild washing lotions. Also only use special cleaning cloths for gold or soft polishing cloths.

Don’t wear golden jewellery if you work with chlorine or bleach, or if swimming in a swimming pool or being in a whirlpool. You should also not store it in a bathroom or any other wet place due to the high humidity possibly causing a natural oxidation on your jewellery piece.

Our tip: Put a piece of aluminium foil and a piece of chalk next to your golden jewellery in the drawer or the box where you keep it. The chalk can bond the hydrogen sulfides in the air. Hydrogen sulfides are the main reason for oxidation.


Can be absorbed over the skin and it enhances the iron absorption in the red blood cell contained haemoglobin. The unavoidable signs of usage are in fact excluded from the warranty, but we would like to aid you with the following tips to maximise your MAGNETIX Wellness experience. For some people when wearing copper bracelets and accessories like the power heart it might happen that the skin colours a bit green because of the natural reaction of the skin acids with the copper. This colour can be easily removed with water and soap or lemon juice.


Is a natural product, which surface develops a “Patina” within time. If your jewellery piece made of leather should become a bit wet, it’s no problem if you let it dry outside. Please never put it on the heater for drying – this will cause the leather to become hard and brittle. Also never put it wet into a drawer or box, otherwise it can get a bad smell.

On a hot day you should remove any residues of sweat from your skin with a wet cloth. If there should be more dirt on your skin you can simply use a little bit of soap for cleaning. After cleaning always dry the leather and if necessary use a bit of leather care products – you can also use a drop of olive oil or a bit of body lotion. If you want to make sure your leather jewellery will be unaffected please take it off before taking a shower or doing daily housework like washing the dishes.


Caoutchouc and silicone are great materials for sporty and stylish jewellery – they don’t need a lot of care, just pay attention to these few things:

Never leave jewellery with this material on the heater or under the sun and never use any detergents when wearing the jewellery.

When getting in touch with detergents Caotchouc and silicone can become brittle, lose its colour or softness.

Zirconia stones

We use zirconia stones for many of our jewellery pieces to make them more glamorous and shiny. Please avoid collisions and frictions with hard surfaces – this can harm these shiny stones or even break them out of their setting.

Jewellery with zirconia stones should not get in touch with chemical detergents. Please also don’t use the popular toothpaste for cleaning. If necessary use a smooth cleaning cloth for cleaning, you can also put it into soapy water for a moment. Then rinse the soap off with water and dry it carefully.

Don’t leave the zirconia jewellery too long inside the soapy water – this can loosen the stones out of their settings!


Please always put on your pearls after dressing and take them off again before undressing.

Jewellery with pearls should always be stored lying to avoid expansion of the jewellery piece over time. Please don’t clean them in an ultrasonic cleaning device – the pearls can burst in there.

Don’t use any chemical detergents, which include ammoniac or bleach – they will destroy the glance of the pearls. Avoid extreme heat or dryness, the pearls could burst.

StartFragmentWe hope that you've found these recommendations helpful. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us via email or call us at 04 555 819 15.EndFragment

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