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The Soul of Australia

In the light of dawn, the break of day, Through the waters chill they fought their way; Like their sires of old, to the Motherland They came o’er the sea, and they sprang to the strand; And the blood of the Angles, the Scot, and the Celt Grew hot in their veins as the war fire they felt.

In the light of noon, in the bright sunlight, They fought up the cliffs from height to height; And the sun shone down on that scene of strife Where the ‘Soul of Australia’ came to life, As the blood of Australians was shed on the sod, For Australia, for Britain, Humanity, God.

Shall Australia mourn for the sons she has lost- Should Australians weep? Nay! Great though the cost, Joy mingles with grief, and pride mingles with pain, For our boys died like heroes, and died not in vain. And the ‘Soul of Australia’, new-born on that day When her sons died at ANZAC, shall never decay.

J.H.M. The Brisbane Courier, 25 April 1916

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