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Foot Reflex Zone Magnetic Mat

Foot reflex zone magnetic mat, Magnetix Wellness Australia

The foot reflex zone mat with an extra portion of magnetic power 💪 caring for energy ⚡ & balance. Whether you're brushing your teeth, during long distance driving or while training , you always stay relaxed.

12x1200 Gauss neodymium magnets

All foot reflex zones are stimulated simultaneously

Running on the mat burns more calories

Effective relaxation and regeneration

Trains the sense of balance

Particularly suitable for people who have to stand a lot

Skin-friendly, hard-wearing silicone

Foot reflex zones.

Countless nerve paths lead from the soles of the feet to various internal organs. If these organs are stimulated via the soles of the feet by a pressure point massage with gravel, it should have a positive effect on the whole body. For this reason, walking barefoot on a shingle beach or barefoot paths is very popular.

Relax barefoot with the foot reffex zone mat with magnets.

The Magnetix Wellness foot reflex zone mat is based on precisely this health-promoting principle. The simulated gravel massages all pressure points located on the base of thefoot. This increases well-being and activates the whole foot, leg and posture muscle system.

A shingle beach for your home

Different pebble simulations enable various sensations: large pebbles provide a hard, powerful massage – this promotes the circulation in the feet and strengthens thetendons of all the toes. Massage by small pebbles has a pleasant effect on thewhole body as well as the motor functions. Treat yourself to this beneficial experience!

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