• Unobtrusive design
  • Of soft and skin-friendly silicone
  • Very comfortable to wear

The high wearing benefit is in the foreground, the optics in the background - that is the motto of the toe ring with the integrated, 1200 Gauss strong neodymium magnets. Because the wearers who suffer from gout, for example, like the design deliberately understated held that does not draws attention to the toe. The magnet toe ring is made of skin-friendly and soft silicone. The supple, yet durable material provides a high wearing comfort and easy to clean. Application: wear while sleeping in socks, shoes or slippers.

Size M = 20mm

Size L = 25mm

in diameter.

Magnetic Toe Ring

SKU: 4416
Toe ring size:
  • Polarity: North

    Magnets: 1

    Tesla: 0.12

    Material: Silicone

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