Magnet: Neodymium

Magnets strength: 1800 Gauss

Polarity towards body: North

Material: Silicone

Size: 0.0 mm - 24.0 mm

Colour: Green


The magnet bracelet is made of soft, skin-friendly silicone. Silicone is resistant to skin sweat and water - these properties make the magnet bracelet the ideal companion for sports and all outdoor sports activities. The magnet bracelet has a robust pin buckle made of highly polished stainless steel and has an extra strong 1800 gauss magnet integrated into the bracelet.

You can personalize the look of your magnetic bracelet by attaching one of the decorative, separately available stainless steel ornaments (cover plate) onto the bracelet. It is easy because of the power of the extra strong neodymium magnet. Just as simply, you can attach a separately available copper element on the back of the bracelet and enjoy the positive properties of the trace element copper.

Silicone Magnetic Sport Bracelet, green

SKU: 4440