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With this new silcone brush with negative ions, you care for the fur of your four-legged friends and spoil them at the same time with the power of the integrated neodymium magnets. The easy-care silicone can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water. The shape of the brush fits well in the hand.


Magnetic therapy for pets is safe and inexpensive method of managing pets' health issues like arthritis, joint difficulties, kidney disease, it especially beneficial for inflammatory processes in elbow joints and knees, as well as hip dysplasia in dogs.

It can speeds up the healing process of fractures and treats sprains and strains.

Magnetic Brush with Negative Ions

SKU: 4802i
expected to ship in three weeks
  • Polarity: North

    Magnets: 2 

    Tesla: 0.12

    Size: 123.0 mm x 65.0 mm

    Material: Silcone with negative ions

    Colour: Fuchsia

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