For a healthy mind and a healthy body is sufficient water an important requirement. Water has energy and bestows energy. Place your water on a magnetic coaster from Magnetix Wellness and you will drink more often, more consciously and with more enjoyment. The magnetic coaster is perfect for the office or at home. In addition, you can add a magnetic wand in your glass and simply enjoy! The magnetic coaster is made of robust and rust-free stainless steel. That is why it's a suitable companion for healthy, energy endowing water while on the go - the magnetic coaster from Magnetix Wellness.

Magnetic Coaster Tree of Life

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  • Polarity: Bipolar

    Magnets: 1

    Tesla: 0.2

    Diameter: 100.0 mm

    Material:  Stainless steel

    Surface: Laser-etched, Matt, Polished