Free Magnetic Jewellery for You - It's as Easy as This

​Our exquisite designer magnetic jewellery appeals to a wide range of people. And this jewellery that everybody can afford is also wellness products used by millions of men and women worldwide to help them feel better.

Impress your friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances and invite them to a MAGNETIX Wellness jewellery presentation that can take place:

  • in your home

  • in a cafe

  • during your lunch break at work

  • at your sport club


Jewellery presentations are great fun.  You will realize that your friends love the magnetic jewellery and that it is exactly what they want. They will be grateful to you for inviting them to the party.

Your personal MAGNETIX Wellness Consultant will give you tips on how to invite people, help you to prepare for the presentation and will arrive at least half an hour beforehand with a selection of our magnetic jewellery and wellness product.

Try out our jewellery with others,

have fun


be rewarded for it!

During the MAGNETIX Wellness jewellery presentation your MAGNETIX Wellness Consultant will share with you and your guests exciting information about the fascinating healing effects of Magnetic Therapy and the versatile jewellery and wellness products.

There will be plenty of time to ask for advice, try on some jewellery and choose your favourite designs.

Watch this video as a good example of Magnetix Wellness Jewellery presentation

We'll reward your commitment with an attractive hostess gifts:

  • Free magnetic jewellery and wellness accessories to a value of 10% of the sale proceeds

  • Exclusive thankyou offers

  • Extras for the recommendation of a new host

Join in NOW - and experience

the great atmosphere of a jewellery presentation!

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