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Start Your Own Business


Do you love beautiful jewellery?


Do you enjoy helping people?


Are you looking for a challenge?


Would you like to earn money on the side?


Do you want to be your own boss?


Would you like to work flexible hours?

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If your answer is 'yes', then it is virtually certain that you will enjoy being a MAGNETIX Wellness consultant. You can build up a great earning opportunity by selling elegant magnetic and copper jewellery and accessories – full- or part-time and even working from home.

Essentially what you do is hold your own private jewellery presentation. You can host this “jewellery party” from just about anywhere from an office, trade show, to a variety of other events, and more! You can even set up a video display in your shop, a hotel reception and other relevant places and you’ll realize that the jewellery practically sells itself! The better you sell, the more discounts and benefits you will notice!

Whether you want to work at home, or in your neighborhood, or even in another country, MAGNETIX Wellness  gives you that option!

It’s fun – and it’s worth it. Whether you earn a few hundred dollars a month or a five-figure sum is up to you. Because you decide for yourself how much work you put in.

Video to Watch: Story of a Great Success (2,5 min)

This business can help:

  • mums to make a great income working from home, so they can spend quality times with kids during the most important years

  • beauty/wellness professionals to have more profit for fewer hours and build a business that they can retire from and still earn great money

  • small business owners to add a second stream of income so they can take time off, have more time for themselves and not go backwards financially

  • students to increase their income opportunity and self-confidence so they can take care of themselves and not feel like a little fish in a big pond

  • corporate and small business professionals to have more freedom over their time, less stress and responsibility and more control over future earnings

  • education and health professionals to use their skills to help others, learn and be challenged, and have a passive revenue

  • baby boomers to have additional income, feel secure about future and do have some purpose and meaning in their lives

Here is your two opportunities to earn money:

For each magntic and copper jewellery item and accessory that you sell, you receive a direct commission. The commission is between 20% and 40% of the final purchase price. So if you sell magnetic jewellery for AU$1,000, your profit is between AU$250 and AU$400. You decide how much work you put in at any time – and hence how much you earn each month.

But you can do even better: You can recruit new consultants and build up your own team. You then benefit financially from every sale made by your team members. So you have the additional advantage of a passive income – and that can rise high very quickly!

There is no pressure or targets, simply share your enthusiasm of our beneficial magnetic and copper jewellery with other people to earn a share in the profits. Help us on our mission to make the world a healthier and more stylish place to live.

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two womenare trying magnetic earrings in Australia, Magnetic Therapy
You have our support 24/7

You matter to us: we want our MAGNETIX Wellness consultants to be successful and satisfied!

With MAGNETIX, there will be promotional products and loan sets, as well as the ability to set up your own personal web-shop. Not only that but there will be plenty of training and online seminars (webinars) to appeal to you.


In addition there will be many unique incentive programs to help keep you motivated and working hard with a possibility that you may get to travel to some new and exciting exotic places such as Las Vegas, Bahamas, and so many more!

The benefits for our consultants:
  • Great potential earnings - you set the limit!

  • No minimum order quantity

  • No obligation to place orders every month - you can have a long break and and will still keep your discount level for life!

  • Delivery from Germany by UPS takes 3-5 days

  • Work from home or combine it with your existing business

  • Choose your own hours of work

  • Personal webshop

  • Attractive incentive trips

  • Professional support right from the start

  • Enjoyment, community and team spirit

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Check it out today, and see if becoming
a MAGNETIX Wellness consultant
is right for you!
Jewellery for Wellness. Become a consultant now!

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